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Sarah’s Lash Lounge screenshot

Sarah’s Lash Lounge

We helped Sarah move to a self-hosted WordPress solution, and designed a website from the ground up just for her. This simple and effective website meets her needs and matches her brand perfectly.

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Lucky Dogs screenshot

Lucky Dogs

After designing a fun and playful logo for Lucky Dogs back in 2017, we've now built them an informational one-page site. Our client absolutely loves the dog icon we designed (and staff at the daycare of come to calling him Lucky), and wanted to make sure he's prominent in the site design. In desktop browsers, Lucky pops his head into each section as you scroll the page, and is waiting for you with a wagging tail at the bottom.

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Chronograph Records screenshot

Chronograph Records

In collaboration with Takeover Studio (design), we built Chronograph Records a state of the art site, powered by WordPress + WooCommerce.

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Racketboy screenshot


Racketboy is a long-time client of ours. Having designed the previous iteration of the site back in 2011, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to give Racketboy another much needed overhaul. Now sporting a responsive design with Hi-DPI (Retina) image support, Racketboy looks pixel perfect on all screens.

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Motorize screenshot


When Motorize came to us, they were frustrated with their current site, which had an archaic CMS. We built them a new site from the ground up on WordPress. Now they have the ability to update their inventory on mobile devices right from their lot, quickly and easily.

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Dine Alone Records screenshot

Dine Alone Records

We partnered with Takeover Studio, who are responsible for the beautiful design work, and built Dine Alone Records a WordPress powered website that can easily be managed by their staff. From artists and releases, to tour dates and videos, every corner of this site is handled by the client, without ever needing to contact us.

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Music Canada screenshot

Music Canada

In collaboration with Takeover Studio (design), we've had an ongoing relationship with Music Canada since 2014, and are continually expanding the functionality of the site.

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Polaris Music Prize screenshot

Polaris Music Prize

In collaboration with Takeover Studio (design), we've been handling the Polaris Music Prize website since 2014. Every year there are several phases at set dates, which we're responsible for.

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