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Music Canada screenshot


Since 1975, Music Canada's Gold/Platinum Awards Program has been around to celebrate sales milestones of music in Canada. In 2016, we built a system on top of WordPress to allow record labels to submit new certifications, which are then processed by Music Canada staff.

Music Canada screenshot


In 2017, we built a new system for ordering award plagues. Record labels present these plagues to their artists to celebrate milestones. Our systems allows labels to easily submit and pay for awards online, while Music Canada has a central location for processing orders.


In collaboration with Takeover Studio (design), we’ve had an ongoing relationship with Music Canada since 2014, and are continually expanding the functionality of the site.

Most recently, we created the award order portal, where record labels can order plagues for their artists to celebrate milestones. Prior to that, we built en engine to handle certifications. You’ve no doubt heard of albums going “triple platinum” – this is where labels go to officially certify their artists’ releases.

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